Johnny Rockets, Bacon Cheddar Double


Bacon Double Cheddar from Johnny Rockets


By Chris Cognac

Burger: Johnny Rockets Bacon Cheddar Double

Meat: Beef 5.5 oz x2

Location: Johnny Rockets

Price: $9.99

Category: National-International Chain

Scores: Patty 16 pts, Bun (Wheat) 12 pts, Toppings (Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Onion, Tomato, Lettuce) 10 pts, Presentation 13 pts, Creativity 2 pt, Taste 18 pts, Value 3 pts.

Total Score 74 out of 100

What we liked about the burger: Big Meaty Patties

What we didn’t like about the burger: Cheese, combined with fat was a bit greasy even for us at

Does it look like the picture: Yes, pretty much..

The Review: Johnny Rockets is a famous “50’s style” Diner and Burger joint with locations across the globe. They specialize in burgers, with a bit of flair but nothing too exotic. You are not going to see ostrich burgers on the menu anytime soon at Johnny Rockets. The Bacon Cheddar Double is pretty basic and safe as far as burgers go, its pretty much meat, cheese and a nice crisp white onion slice. Johnny Rockets has gotten it right for the most part with the Bacon Cheddar Double as the burger highlights the tasty 5.5 oz beef patties. The beef patties are flavorful and not too compact, cooked on a flat griddle with some crispiness to the outside of the meat. The density of the meat and lack of “machine style compaction” allows for the juices to come through the meat and soak into the stable, well grilled wheat bun (there is a choice of buns).The bun held up well and added to the overall enjoyment of the burger, but eventually gave way to the onslaught of flavor when combined with more than ample “cheddar cheese” runoff. The small slice of white onion was crisp and added much to the overall burger experience, much like the thick, crisp smokey bacon (nothing ruins a burger like limp, nasty bacon). I was a bit disappointed in the measly limp single lettuce leaf, which really would have added a few points to the overall review had it been fresh and crisp. The price of $9.99 was a bit hefty but the burger did have 11 oz of meat and good quality bacon.

Final Thoughts: The Johnny Rockets Bacon Cheddar Double is a manly man burger, with lots of meat and cheese, it’s a basic burger for basic burger lovers,…with a bit of bacon thrown in for good measure, you can do a lot worse than this burger, that’s for sure!


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